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If you use the uMatrix extension, you can see that the website does not use third party resources. Everything, including fonts and images, is served locally in order to ensure your full privacy. The website uses open source Matomo and Goat Counter web analytics.


The whole backend of the website is written using the Django framework and PostgreSQL database. Being a weekend coder this means a lot of issues that may appear. If you notice anything strange and you know how to solve it, please let me know.


Besides the Django web framework which serves as a backend for the website, Python may be used when doing some quantitative analysis. It will be mostly done using pandas and bokeh libraries.


In addition to the usual blog posts, you can find here some software and Firefox extension recommendations. They are aimed at improving your productivity, life quality and allowing you to battle the omnipresent surveillance and data snooping.


Book Synopsis: "Factfulness" by Hans Rosling

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The book described in this post consists of ten chapters, each describing a different 'mind bias' that makes us susceptible to hold untrue opinions about the world. Throughout the book, the tries to tackle the common biases with some data and examples that contradict the so called common knowledge.

At ...