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Below you can find an extensive and regularly updated list of Firefox extensions that are either essential or very useful when browsing the web. I have divided them in a few groups, to allow better navigation and selection according to your needs.

One advice for people eager to try new extensions - always check the extension's privacy policy. If it is longer that something like "We do not collect any user data.", be cautious. As a rule of thumb, try not to use any add-on that has a "Custom License" - install only the open source ones (Mozilla Public License, GNU GPL or MIT).

Because the list is periodically updated, if you want to stay up to date with the latest additions and deletions, you can use the Web Pages Scanner extension to be notified about any changes made here.

Table of contents:

1. Security & Privacy
2. Productivity
3. New Tab Replacements
4. Styling
5. Web Enhancement
6. Other
7. Bonus Section

Security & Privacy

uBlock Origin

The top extensions, which is required when using a browser. This is simply the best adblocker out there. Required not only to get rid of those annoying ads but also to protect yourself from malicious elements that may appear on a website.

Additionaly you the basic block lists available in the uBlock's settings (not all of them are enabled by default), toy should consider subscribing to some additional filterlists which can be found here: FilterLists

I prefer using uBlock Origin in medium mode, which gives user functionality almost as granulart as uMatrix, which was abandoned.

Cookie AutoDelete

The name says everything. Auto deletes your cookies according to specified rules. You can of course whitelist selected domains. This extension supports Firefox Containers.

Cookie Quick Manager

Cookie Quick Manager: A complete manager for cookies accumulated during browsing.

It allows you to view, edit, create, delete, backup, restore cookies and search them by domain names. Contextual Identities such as Private Browsing, First-Party Isolation, and SameSite flag are also supported.

In addition, the LocalStorage of the page viewed can be deleted (see below).

This WebExtension is compatible with Firefox 57 and is inspired by addons like Cookies Manager+ and Advanced Cookie Manager whose development has been discontinued due to the withdrawal of the support for "Legacy" extensions.


  • User friendly: Clear and structured user interface. Each parameter and functionality is described when the mouse is over the element.
  • Windowed and tab mode: Choose the opening in a tab to get a wider view.
  • Transparency and security: The source code is free (under GPLv3) and published on a public platform, the only way to allow reviews and external contributions.
  • Search: A user can search for cookies of a domain and subdomains which depend on it.
  • Edit/Create: All the attributes of a cookie can be modified: domain, path, name, value, expiration date, as well as secure and httponly flags.
  • Delete: Remove the cookies of the current website in two clicks.
  • Export: The export and import of one or many cookies from one or many domains at a time in JSON or Netscape format is just as easy.
  • First-Party Isolation: Supported with some limitations (due to API bugs) on Firefox 59, 60, and 61, and without limitations on Firefox 62 (scheduled on September 2018).
  • Contexts: Contexts (also called Multi-Account Containers, or Contextual Identities) are supported. A user can search and display cookies inside a container, or copy cookies from a container to another, or save a cookie in a specific context.
  • SameSite: The SameSite flag is supported. This is a partial protection against the risks associated with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cross-Site Script Inclusion (XSSI) attacks, implemented since Firefox 63.
  • Cookie protection: Delete cookies except protected ones, with two clicks at anytime from the website you are viewing. An option can also prevent cookies from being deleted by the sites themselves.
  • Protection of session cookies: Session cookies can be protected in two clicks to prevent accidental logout from websites after cleaning normal cookies.
  • Cleaning and privacy: Can automatically delete all cookies at startup.
  • LocalStorage: Keys/values of the page viewed can be deleted.


Violentmonkey is a script manager. There are two other script managers: Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey, but the first one should be avoided. It is proprietary and collects user data. The second one has less features and its development seems to be slowed down significantly.

Below you can find some useful scripts:
- AdsBypasser
- AntiAdware
- Picviewer CE+ - Mouseover Popup Image Viewer
- Pagetual - YouTube Unblocker
- Simple YouTube Age Restriction Bypass - YouTube Shorts Redirect - Local YouTube Downloader - HTML5 video player enhanced script - Sci-hub button
- EmuParadise Download Workaround - Direct download from Google Play
- DuckDuckGo Dracula Dark Theme - Bandcamp script (Deluxe Edition) - F.B. Purity - Facebook Adblocker - FB - Clean my feeds - Login reminder popup remover - Unedit and Undelete for Reddit - Bring Back Old Reddit - RSS+: Show Site ALl RSS

Additional scripts can be found on Greasy Fork.

Another promising script manager that is worth taking a look is FireMonkey


LocalCDN is a web browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy. It intercepts traffic, finds supported resources locally, and injects them into the environment. All of this happens automatically, so no prior configuration is required.

Differences between LocalCDN and Decentraleyes:

LocalCDN contains a big collection of frameworks and useful functions: - New: Sync extension settings with Firefox Sync or own server - Includes Rocket Loader, Findify, Vue.js, page.js, lozad, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Google Material Icons, React, Vue, Chart.js and much more. The list will be continuously updated. - Includes Font Awesome in different version (v3.2.1, v4.7.0, v5.13.1) - Prepared rules for uBlock/uMatrix and notifications if rule changes are necessary - Removes integrity/crossorigin attributes to replace more frameworks

Adds protection from: - Font Awesome (3.x, 4.x, 5.x) - jQuery up to 3.5.1 - Bootstrap CSS (Delivered by StackPath, NetDNA and MaxCDN) - Bootstrap JavaScript (Delivered by StackPath, NetDNA and MaxCDN) - AngularJS, AngularJS-Animate, AngularJS-Sanitize, AngularJS-Cookies and AngularJS-Touch - ...and more (81 different frameworks in various versions in total!)

After installing, check if Local CDN is fully operational. If not, follow the instructions provided.

Consent Blocker

Blocks consent dialogs by either injecting the consent cookie(s)/storage item(s) or blocking requests to the consent management platform.


Cookie pop-ups are designed to be confusing and make you 'agree' to be tracked. This add-on automatically answers consent pop-ups for you, so you can't be manipulated. Set your preferences once, and let the technology do the rest!

This add-on is built and maintained by workers at Aarhus University in Denmark. We are privacy researchers that got tired of seeing how companies violate the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Because the organisations that enforce the GDPR do not have enough resources, we built this add-on to help them out.

We looked at 680 pop-ups and combined their data processing purposes into 5 categories that you can toggle on or off. Sometimes our categories don't perfectly match those on the website, so then we will choose the more privacy preserving option.

Alternatively you can also use Super Agent.


An artware browser add-on to protect privacy in web-search. By issuing randomized queries to common search-engines, TrackMeNot obfuscates your search profile and registers your discontent with surreptitious tracking


This privacy add-on protects your identity by changing tracking parameters.

Addresses containing Google Analytics parameters will be altered to protect your privacy: no buttons to press and no configuration required.

It will scan the page for links and correct them. If a redirected URL contains the tracking parameters, they will be edited. Not functionality is lost.


Official browser plugin for the KeePassXC password manager (


Spoof your browser profile. Includes a few privacy enhancing options. The wiki explains all of the options available.

Using it makes the CSS Exfil Protection extension redundant as Chameleon offers this protection as well.

JavaScript Restrictor

A JS-enabled web page can access any of the APIs that a web browser provides. The user has only a limited control and some APIs cannot be restricted by the user easily. JavaScript Restrictor aims to improve the user control of the web browser. Similarly to a firewall that controls the network traffic, JavaScript Restrictor controls the APIs provided by the browser. The goal is to improve the privacy and security of the user running the extension.

Various websites collect information about users without their awareness. The collected information is used to track users. Malicious websites can fingerprint user browsers or computers. JavaScript Restrictor protects the user by restricting or modifying several web browser APIs used to create side-channels and identify the user, the browser or the computer. JavaScript Restrictor can block access to JavaScript objects, functions and properties or provide a less precise implementation of their functionality, for example, by modifying or spoofing values returned by the JS calls. The goal is to mislead websites by providing false data or no data at all.

This is a research project under development.

Multi Account Containers

Firefox Multi-Account Containers lets you keep parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs that preserve your privacy. Cookies are separated by container, allowing you to use the web with multiple identities or accounts simultaneously. Here's a simple guide to using them.

Containers Helper

Helps improve container management by providing container searching, deleting, modifying, duplicating, and default URLs on a per-container or bulk basis. Complements the multi-account containers addon.

Temporary Containers

Open tabs, websites, and links in automatically managed disposable containers. Containers isolate data websites store (cookies, storage, and more) from each other, enhancing your privacy and security while you browse.


NOTE: uMatrix is currently unmaintained and its GitHub repo was archived!

Point & click to forbid/allow any class of requests made by your browser. Use it to block scripts, iframes, ads, facebook, etc.

This an extension for advanced users. There's a wiki/guide available on the developer's GitHub page. Because it is a bit complicated I will not get into details on how to use it.

Personally, I have stopped using it after its development was abandoned. I think that uBlock Origin in medium mode is powerful enough to replace uMatrix in almost every instance.

NoScript Security Suite

It allows JavaScript, Flash, and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice (e.g. your banking site), thus mitigating remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, such as Spectre and Meltdown.

It protects your "trust boundaries" against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS), cross-zone DNS rebinding / CSRF attacks (router hacking), and Clickjacking attempts, thanks to its unique ClearClick technology.

Such a preemptive approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and unknown!) with no loss of functionality where you need it.

I do not use this one, as uBlock Origin in medium mode is enough for my needs and I think NoScript does not offer anything on top of it.


Behave! monitors and warn if a web page performs any of following actions: - DNS Rebinding attacks to Private IPs - Access to Private IPs - Browser based Port Scan

uBO Scope

A tool to measure your 3rd-party exposure score for web sites you visit. Here's a detailed description of its purpose.

Privacy Possum

NOTE: The extension seems to be abandoned.

Privacy Possum monkey wrenches common commercial tracking methods by reducing and falsifying the data gathered by tracking companies:

  • Blocks cookies that let trackers uniquely identify you across websites
  • Blocks refer headers that reveal your browsing location
  • Blocks etag tracking which leverages browser caching to uniquely identify you
  • List itemBlocks browser fingerprinting which tracks the inherent uniqueness of your browser

See here to read Privacy Badger's developer's comment on why you should use it together with uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger/uMatrix.

Location Guard

Hide your geographic location from websites. Report a fake location with the addition of random noise in order to protect your privacy. Per site settings with three configurable levels of accuracy or even the possibility to use a fixed location.

Change Geolocation (Location Guard)

Change Geolocation (Location Guard) is a browser addon that let you easily change your geographic location to a desired value and protect your privacy.

Simply open addon's option page and set latitude and longitude for where you want the geolocation to be (default location is Greenwich, UK). Next, reload a page and check your location (i.e. Please note that, beside latitude and longitude you can set other variables in geolocation API (see options page). Moreover, pressing on the toolbar icon will activate or deactivate the addon.

Note: toolbar button serves as ON|OFF switch to activate and deactivate the addon. Green color is for ON and grey color is for OFF state.

Link Alert

Displays an icon in the tooltip or next to the cursor indicating the target of a link. May warn you when the target element is not what the description says, e.g. you expect a .png file but there's an .exe file in the link.

Google Search Link Fix

This extension prevents Google and Yandex search pages from modifying search result links when you click them. This is useful when copying links but it also helps privacy by preventing the search engines from recording your clicks.

Attention! You should avoid Google search and use DuckDuckGo instead!

History AutoDelete

This WebExtension enhances your control of history. Letting you choose which domain to be blacklisted from history. In addition, you can choose to clear older history entries by X amount of days.

Forget Button

Quickly delete your browser history, cookies, cache, downloads, forms, and passwords

Luminous: JavaScript events blocker

An extension to identify, analyze and block code execution and event collection through JavaScript in your browser.

Personally I do not use this one.


NOTE: Currently uBlock Origin seems to have the same functionality built-in.

This add-on will remove the tracking fields form all URLs which are visited by the browser. We use an external rule file which is regularly updated by us and which you can find here.

Skip Redirect

Some web pages use intermediary pages before redirecting to a final page. This add-on tries to extract the final url from the intermediary url and goes there straight away if successful.


FastForward is a fork of the project Universal Bypass, which was discontinues by Sainan. She has given consent for us to continue this.

FastForward circumvents sites which make you wait (like, make you do something (e.g., and and even trackers (such as and! It also helps to prevent your IP address from being logged by sites by blocking them.

WebAPI Manager

NOTE: This project is currently un-maintained.

This extension allows users to selectively allow different hosts on the web to have access to different types of browser functionality. Doing so allows security and privacy sensitive web users to limit the attack surface presented to websites, and to limit websites to the functionality they actually need to carry out user-serving purposes.


Authenticator generates two-factor authentication (2FA) codes in your browser. Use it to add an extra layer of security to your online accounts.

Always keep a backup of your secrets in a safe location. Encrypting your secrets is strongly recommended, especially if you are logged into a Firefox account.

Features: - Add accounts by scanning QR codes
- Search your accounts by pressing "/"
- Translated into more than ten languages
- Encrypt your secrets with a password
- Backup your secrets to a file, Google Drive, or Dropbox
- Sync your secrets with your Firefox Account
- Open source

Permissions: - "Access your data for all websites" - Needed to take screenshots for scanning QR codes
- "Input data to the clipboard" - Needed to copy codes when clicked

Supports: - TOTP
- Steam Guard
- Blizzard Authenticator

Bloody Vikings

Bloody Vikings! simplifies the use of temporary email addresses, helping you to protect your real address from spam and to stay anonymous.

Instead of exposing your real email address to every random site asking for it, simply right-click on the designated input field and select "Bloody Vikings!". Bloody Vikings! automatically inserts a temporary email address and opens the corresponding mailbox in a new background tab.


nBox generates for you an email address for each site, for free. - Effortlessly thanks to our browser extensions
- Addresses are anonymous and private
- Delete the addresses you don't want any more
- Be notified according to your preferences on each email

To use it you must create an nBox account.

Forefox Relay

Firefox Relay is an experimental service that helps you protect your real email address - the one most closely tied to your online identity. It lets you generate unique, random aliases you can use to sign up for accounts, apps, or newsletters, and forwards messages to your real address. If you find that an account is sending unwanted email or spam, you can block the alias and it will stop sending email to your inbox. Once you no longer want an account, you can delete the alias.

Redirect AMP to HTML

Automatically redirects any Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) pages to their regular HTML equivalent.

When you see an AMP page, you're likely seeing a page served directly by Bing or Google who can suck in information about what you do on that page. Keep the web decentralized and say “No!” to search engines that want to take control over the web.

AMP pages are designed for small-screen devices and often don't translate well to larger screens. The extension can be especially useful if you receive links from people who're on their mobile devices while you're on your desktop computer.

FireX Proxy

FireX Proxy allows you to change your IP address. The proxy list updates about every minute.

Useful when you are trying to reach a destination webpage from a different IP and you do not have a VPN.

Warning! Please not that when you connect to any of the proxies offered, you have to trust its provider. It is not recommended to log into any account when connected to a proxy.

Permission Inspector

Missing permissions inspector for Firefox - Snapshot of all the permissions used by each installed extension.

Add-ons are powerful tools which can modify the browser using various features allowed by browser. While installing an add-on there is a permission prompt which tells what all features will be accessed by the add-on. Post that we have no way to know what an installed add-on is accessing. Permission inspector bridges this gap and shows what all an add-on can do to the browser.

There are two views for this add-on

  1. Extension-wise: Shows permissions for each add-on
  2. Permission-wise: Shows add-ons using each permission.


This Add-on uses the new SecurityInfo-API in Firefox to display information about the transport security used on the sites you visit.

The TLS protocol version is displayed by an icon in the address bar. More detailed information can be viewed by clicking on that icon, particularly to display the TLS protocol version of 3rd party servers that the website you are visiting fetches resources from.

Zoom Redirector

Zoom Redirector transparently redirects any meeting links to use Zoom's browser based web client.


Readability based Reader View

This extension uses the standalone version of Mozilla's Readability library. The user interface is very similar to the original reader view. However you can apply your own styling to the view. Also it supports text to speech functionality.

Note that reader view mode works best for web pages that have a lot of content. There are some tools in the left side panel that can help you personalize your Reader View. You can change color, background-color, font-size, font-family and width of the reader view.

-> Remove distraction
-> Read in fullscreen mode
-> Remove advertisements
-> Save in HTML format
-> Print document
-> Read content using a powerful Text to Speech (TTS) engine
-> Edit HTML content (live editor)
-> Email document (with title, body, and reference to the original document)
-> Correctly display mathematical formulas
-> Highlight selected text
-> Move to the next and previous pages
-> Keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions


Brief makes reading RSS feeds as easy and intuitive as it gets. Designed to have exactly the right set of features, it is powerful and simple at the same time. Feeds are presented on a seamless, interactive page which let's you bookmark and tag items with a single click.

Here you can find a custom dark theme for Brief.

There's also Smart RSS Reader, which is an actively developed alternative to Brief.

To convert some popular proprietary news feeds like YouTube channels or Twitter feeds into a RSS feeds, you can use RSS Box or

Personally I use QuiteRSS and RSS Guard, because Brief causes Firefox to freeze when processing a large number of feeds and has some problems with YouTube feeds which are refreshed several times after being marked as read.

RSSHub Radar

Browser extension that simplifies finding and subscribing RSS and RSSHub.

RSSHub is an open source, easy to use, and extensible RSS feed generator. It's capable of generating RSS feeds from pretty much everything.

RSSHub delivers millions of contents aggregated from all kinds of sources, our vibrant open source community is ensuring the deliver of RSSHub's new routes, new features and bug fixes.

Get RSS Feed URL

Get RSS Feed URL is a Firefox extension that provides links to the various RSS/Atom feeds of a website. Indeed, websites do not always provide a direct link to the RSS feed. It is then necessary to look in the source code of the website and find the URL of the feed.

This extension makes it possible to avoid this manipulation because the URLs of the RSS feeds of the website are displayed directly and can be copied with one click! In addition, this extension allows you to easily retrieve the RSS feed from a Youtube channel / user or from a subreddit!

This extension is ported from the Chrome extension with the same name under the MIT license:

Useful when you are using an external RSS application like QuiteRSS or RSS Guard.

You can also try Want My RSS or RSSPreview.

YouTube RSS Finder

Ever tried to find the RSS feed of a YouTube channel or playlist? It can be painful.

This add-on automatically finds the RSS feed of any YouTube channel or playlist for you. It works anywhere on a channel, even when you are watching a video!

When an RSS feed is found, the add-on will display its icon in the address bar. Simply click on it and the RSS feed will be opened in a new tab.

Note: not needed when using Get RSS Feed URL extension.

Update Scanner

Monitors web pages for updates. Useful for websites that don't provide Atom or RSS feeds.

I prefer the next extension on this list that does the same thing: Web Pages Scanner.

Web Pages Scanner

Scan web pages for updates.

- unlimited number of pages
- automatic and manual scanning
- ability to change charset, accuracy, interval between scans
- notifications about detected changes
- easily add pages to scan list
- preview old and new version of page
- sidebar


Fraidycat is a browser extension for following folks on a variety of platforms. But rather than showing you a traditional 'inbox' or 'feed' view of all the incoming posts - Fraidycat braces itself against this unbridled firehose! - you are shown an overview of who is active and a brief summary of their activity.

There are no fancy algorithms behind Fraidycat - everything is organized by recency. (Although, you can sort follows into tags and priority - "do I want to track this person in real-time? Is this a band that I am only interested in checking in on once a year?") For once, the point isn't for the tool to discern your intent from your behavior; the point is for you to wield the tool, as if you are a rather capable kind of human being.

Feeds (RSS, Atom or JSON Feed). This is how Fraidycat reads blogs, Tumblr, Medium, Mastodon,, Wikipedia, Kickstarter or Stack Overflow. If only every network used RSS!

Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud. These sites don't support RSS, so Fraidycat does its best to pick things out of their web pages.

Pinboard, YouTube and Reddit. These sites do offer RSS, but it's not advertised very well. So Fraidycat figures out where to find the RSS feeds for you.

Twitch. Fraidycat now also shows when a follow is live.

TiddlyWiki. Fraidycat reads the whole wiki and treats it like a giant RSS feed. Be aware that giant wikis may load down Fraidycat.

Fraidycat is available also as a separate app.


Collection of Tab Related Actions e.g. Duplicate, Close Duplicates, Close to the Left, Copy Title, Merge Windows, Save as PDF, Copy Urls Tab/All/Left/Right, Host keep/close/close other, Sort by URL/Title, Asce/Desc, Move, Reload, Reload Timer.

I use it mostly for the flag in the address bar that indicates the servers location.


FoxyImage is a tiny multi-process extension that adds a number of Image related actions to the Context Menu.


Collection of Link Related Actions, e.g. Open Selected Links, Copy Selected Links


BetterViewer makes image viewing faster, easier, and more fun.

BetterViewer was designed as a replacement for the image viewing mode built into Firefox and Chrome-based web browsers.

With BetterViewer you can use various keyboard shortcuts to quickly pan, zoom images, edit and a lot more!

Features: - Zoom in / Zoom Out / Reset - Fullscreen - Rotate Left / Rotate Right - Flip Horizontal / Flip Vertical - Crop Image - Paint - Download Image - Upload Image to imgBB - Color picker - Image Details - Change background color (Dark / Light / Blurred) - Print Image - Extract Text from Image - Edit in Photopea (Thanks to @bbbenji) - Reverse Image Search (using TinEye) - QR Code Scanner - Settings to customize Toolbar

Tab Session Manager

  • Save and restore windows and tabs
  • Manage sessions with name and tags
  • Auto save when window is closed
  • Auto save at regular intervals
  • Import and export sessions

Simple Tab Groups

Create, modify, and quickly change tab groups.

Simple Tab Groups works across browser instances/windows too. If you select a group in another window, the selected window will jump to the foreground with the chosen group selected. You can even select the specific tab within that group in background browser windows. GIF example

Session Alive

Keep your session alive for any website. Install and forget the session timeout messages.

Almost all websites with authentication has a session timeout. If you are inactive in the website for some time then your session may be expired. You need to login again to perform any action in the website.

This extension will keep your session from expiring by reloading your website in the background. This will keep your session alive without manually reloading website even you are inactive in the website for long period of time.


Scroll Anywhere enables you to drag scrollbar with your middle (or right / left) mouse button without actually touching a scrollbar. Just hold the middle mouse button and move up-down or left-right. You can also change the behavior to simple "grab and drag" style.

Short preview video here (0:12)


  • Momentum allows you to throw page to scroll it faster (just like on your phone)
  • Middle / Right / Left mouse buttons are supported, see the Options page
  • Auto-disable on specified domains / sub-domains
  • Grab and drag scroll like on your phone
  • Multiplier to speed-up or slow down
  • On key down enable / disable
  • Custom scrolling icon


Customizable mouse gesture add-on, which supports over 60 different commands and additional features like rocker and wheel gestures.

Circle Mouse Gestures

This extension introduces convenient circle menu (so-called pie menu) to improve interaction with your browser. Just hold down the right mouse button, highlight one of the preset actions and release the button.

Circle menu recreates the way mouse gestures were represented in good old Opera 12 browser, and allows to clearly see all available gestures, with no need to remember them all.

CMG is supposed to provide a better implementation of mouse gestures and drag gestures, while replacing the regular context menu at the same time — but regular context menu is always there whenever you need it. Perfect for fullscreen browsing!

Extension features: - separate gestures for links, images, input fields etc. - support for rocker gestures, vertical and horizontal mouse wheel gestures - image preview and link preview (like in Safari on mac) - gestures on long left click (works great on macbook) - great customization options ... and many more

Search Multi Tabs

Search Word position across your tabs body or title/url , then list up in sidepanel.

Snap Links Plus

Select a number of links with a rectangle and open them in new tabs. You can also lasso checkboxes to quickly check or uncheck them. Works with radio buttons as well.


SingleFile is an add-on for Firefox Desktop and Mobile that helps you to save an entire webpage including images, styling, frames, fonts etc. as a single HTML file.

Alternatively you can also try Save Page WE.

Print Page WE

Edit the contents of a web page prior to printing or saving. Elements in the web page can be edited, formatted, hidden or deleted. Unwanted content, such as adverts and sidebars, can easily be removed.

Search Site WE

Search within the current subdomain or within the entire domain, using the toolbar button or context menu.

Glitter Drag

A drag extension that supports you drag text, links and images then helps you open, copy or search it.

Form History Control

An extension to Save, View and Manage text form data.

This plugin stores text from text-fields and editor fields as you type, so you never have to lose your work when disaster strikes. Recover your lost work after session timeouts, network failures, browser crashes, power failures and all other things that will destroy the hard work you just put into writing that important email, essay or blog post.

This extension can also be used as an easy form filler. It will restore text and editor fields as well as various input controls. On each submission of a webform, the state of controls like radio-buttons and check-boxes are saved. You can autofill textfields and various controls in a web form using either the most used or the last used formhistory data.

All text data that has been stored can easily be retrieved and managed. This extension also offers the possibility to export/import form history data allowing you to exchange data between multiple browser configurations. You can even import data from the old (pre webextension) version.

For a simpler extension you can try Textarea Cache.


Select text and search from the context menu or a tiled popup using any of your installed search engines. Add new search engines with a right-click, edit favicons and query strings.

This is the best context menu extension out there.

You can also like SelectionSK.


Get customizable pop-up with action buttons on text selection, just like in Opera browser.

  • Copy any text in one click - especially useful for laptops
  • Customizable appearance for tooltip and text selection color
  • Currency converter (supports 30+ currencies)
  • Basic units converter (metric/imperial)
  • Contextual buttons depending on selected text, such as 'Open link', 'Translate' and more
  • Enable snapping selection by words, so you'll never loose that one last letter again
  • Selection handles, which allow to quickly change current selection
  • Live translation of the selected text (up to 3 words)


Saves and manages frequently-entered text for later pasting into web page forms in Firefox or email and newsgroup messages in Thunderbird. Pasting a clipping is accomplished with just two mouse clicks, eliminating the hassle of retyping or repetitive copying and pasting.


• Easily create a clipping from selected text in a form field or web page body in Firefox, or from selected text in an email message in Thunderbird

• Easy access to your clippings from the Clippings context menu in a web page form field (Firefox) or email message editor (Thunderbird). Individual clippings can be pasted as rich text if they contain HTML tags.

• Save the web page address (URL) with the new clipping

• Make your important clippings stand out with color labels

• Assign shortcut keys to clippings for quicker pasting. Just press ALT+SHIFT+Y (Command+Shift+Y on macOS), then the shortcut key. The keyboard paste key can be changed from Clippings preferences.

• Locate the clipping you want to paste by typing its name and selecting it from an autocomplete menu

• Define placeholders inside a clipping that you will be prompted to fill in when pasting the clipping. Built-in placeholders for the date, time, clipping name, user agent, etc. are also available.

• Organize your collection of clippings into folders using Clippings Manager

• Import and export clippings in a variety of file formats

• Sync your clippings between Firefox and Thunderbird, or between Firefox instances on multiple computers

Auto Text Expander

Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type.

Ever get tired of typing out long email addresses, phrases you frequently use, or just looking to save keystrokes as you type? Well fear not! Auto Text Expander is here to solve that -- kinda like TextExpander for Mac or AutoText for Windows, but installed and synced across Firefox browsers.

This free (and ad-free) extension adds basic javascript to your pages to check if your last set of consecutive keystrokes matches any of any number of custom shortcuts you can define and expands and replaces that text as you type. Save time, typos, and the satisfaction of being extra lazy.

For a global text expander, that works system-wide, take a look at espanso.

uGet Integration

Integrate Mozilla Firefox with uGet download manager. uGet is described in the software section.

Important: Install uget and uget-integrator before installing this add-on to connect with uGet.

At the moment I prefer using DownZemAll.

Simple Form Fill

Enter text into input fields by choosing configured items from the context menu or using the optional autocomplete (not autofill) which suggest items based on typed input.

New items can be added through the context menu while having some text selected or in the extension's preferences (click on toolbar icon).

OurStickys - Sticky Notes on every page

Add Persistent Sticky Notes anywhere on any web page, they will reappear when you re-open the page - fixed for Firefox 69 and above.

Joplin Web Clipper

Capture and save web pages and screenshots from your browser to the note taking application Joplin. Joplin is described in the software section.

There's a similar extension for QOwnNotes: QOwnNotes Web Companion.


Sidebery provides the list of tabs structured in a tree and bookmarks within the customizable panels. It aims to be fast, beautiful* and configurable. Some of the key features:

  • Vertical tabs layout (flat or tree): You can use a simple flat list of tabs or tree structure. Tree layout allows you to fold sub-tries, creates groups with a custom name to organize open pages.

  • Bookmarks panel: Simple catalogs of your bookmarks. You can drag and drop links or tabs to create bookmarks and vice-versa. Basic operations: open in new window / sort / create / edit / delete.

Other bookmarks features:
- Automatically delete an open bookmark from "Other Bookmarks" folder.
- Highlight open bookmarks and activate its tab instead of opening new on clicking.

  • Tabs panels
  • Configurable panels will help you sort your tabs.
  • Containers management: You can set "Include" and "Exclude" url-rules, proxy config and UserAgent header for each container.
  • Customizable context menu: Sidebery allows you to change the context menu for tabs and bookmarks. You can enable/disable/move different options, create sub-menus/separators.
  • Multi-selection with right mouse button: You can select multiple tabs or bookmarks only with the mouse - push right mouse button and then move the cursor to adjust selection range. (note: This feature is not working with the native context menu.)

Also, you can use ctrl+click/shift+click method or use keyboard shortcuts. - Customizable styles: Sidebery provides full control of styles for sidebar and group page via variables and custom CSS. Note: css selectors can be changed in the next version - Snapshots: You can setup auto snapshots that will keep info about open windows and tabs.

Sidebery keeps all data that needed to correct work on the user's machine and doesn't send any kind of data to the outside.

Tree Style Tab

This extension provides the ability to work with tabs as "trees".

New tabs opened from the current tab are automatically organized as "children" of the current tab. Such "branches" are easily folded (collapsed) by clicking on the arrow shown in the "parent" tab, so you no longer need to suffer from too many visible tabs. If you want, you can restructure the tree via drag and drop.

  • Such a tree of tabs will behave like a visual browsing history for you. - For example, if you see a list of search results for a topic, each search result link will open in new child tab. - New tabs opened from these "child" tabs will appear as descendants of their originating tabs. - You'll easily dig and dig deeply, without losing your browsing trail - if you want to go back to the original search result, you just have to switch to the "root" tab.
  • Moreover, each tree will reflect a group of tabs on a similar topic.

Check also these useful TST extensions: - TST Indent Line - TST More Tree Commands

Personally I prefer using Sidebery.

Tab Center Reborn

Tab Center Reborn is the continuation of Tab Center Redux to provide a simple, powerful and well-integrated extension to manage tabs vertically.

The extension provides a handful of settings and allows power-users to customize its appearance completely with CSS code.

You might especially be interested in hiding the top tab bar:

Features: – All features of Firefox tab bar (pinning, duplicating, moving to start/end, closing tabs after, etc.) – “Unload Tab” and “Close Tabs Before” options to accommodate managing a lot of tabs – A notification allows you to undo if “Close Tabs Before”, “Close Tabs After” or “Close Other Tabs” closed more than 5 tabs – Looks and act native, has animations (can be disabled) – Works with and uses containers: – Adapt to full Firefox themes (simpler themes don’t provide enough colors to work with) – Synchronizes your settings with Firefox Sync

Personally I prefer using Sidebery.

Colors and Fonts Extractor

The real purpose of this extension is to simplify the extraction of the color palette and fonts names of any website.

if you are a designer or front-end developer, you can easily extract copy and paste the color palette and the font names used in any website with just 2 clicks.

You can than copy and past as css varibles in your css/scss files.

You can also extract each color individually in RGB(A), Hex or HSL format.

Favicon Detector

Click the extension button to detect current website's icons.

Support: favicon msapplication-TileImage apple-touch-icon-precomposed apple-touch-icon


DownThemAll will help you select, queue, sort and run your downloads faster. It comes with advanced ways to select what links to download, and will remember your previous decisions so that you can queue more downloads with just OneClick!

Advanced users will also like using renaming masks which let you automatically assign names (and even sub-folders within your downloads folder), fast-filtering or even custom, re-usable filters.

DownThemAll is open-source and free. We spend a lot of time making it, and keep spending a lot of time improving it, and even fixing some problems in Firefox itself so DownThemAll! can work even better. We will never add adware, spyware, user tracking or other nasty stuff.

Down Right Now

This extension helps you to download all the links and media you can find on the Web.

When you visit a page, click to DownRightNow to see the content of the page. The content are links, references, images, videos… and other media present on the page.

DownRightNow helps you to select, organize, prioritize and run your downloads in parallel.

How it works?

DownRightNow is composed of two components: a WebExtensions addon for your browser, and a standalone application, that runs on your machine, independently from the browser.

The standalone download manager is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Click here to download and install the standalone application:


Project History

This extension was inspired by the old DownThemAll Firefox extension, which was said abandoned after Firefox moved to WebExtensions.

This extension provides the same look-and-feel of classic DTA, and more!

Why a standalone application?

This download manager is a standalone application, in order to separate this extension’s life cycle from the browser’s life cycle.

Moreover a standalone manager provides a lot more features, and is not limited to the Firefox browser or WebExtensions API, so we could write easily all the features we want.

Auto-Sort Bookmarks

- Auto-sort: If this option is enabled, the bookmarks will be sorted when bookmarks are added, changed, moved or deleted.
- Inactivity Wait: Specifies how long to wait (in seconds) for inactivity before sorting bookmarks. This applies to automatic and manual sorting. A minimum value of 3 and a maximum of 255. Recommend using a value of at least 45 if you move bookmarks by dragging.
- Case Insensitive: If this option is enabled, the bookmarks will be sorted without considering the letter case.
- Sort By: Specifies the first sort criteria to sort the bookmarks.
- Inverse Order: if this option is enabled, the order specified in 'Sort By' will be reversed. So the order will be descending.
- Then Sort By: Specifies the second sort criteria to sort the bookmarks.
- Inverse Second Order: If this option is enabled, the order specified in 'Then Sort By' will be reversed.
- Sort Folder By: Specifies sort criteria to sort folders.
- Inverse Folder Order: If this option is enabled, the order specified in 'Sort Folder By' will be reversed.
- Folder Sort Order: Specifies the folder sort order. A minimum value of 1 and a maximum of 2.
- Bookmark Sort Order: Specifies the bookmark sort order. A minimum value of 1 and a maximum of 2.
- Configure Folders: This button opens a new tab allowing you to exclude folders when sorting. If you uncheck the checkbox next to a folder, it won't be sorted, but the children folders will be sorted. If

Bookmark search plus 2

BSP2 add-on allows you to quickly show where is your bookmark located in the tree folder, automatically opening folders along the way if they are closed = under which parent folder, its grand-parent .. etc ... => the full chain from top.

If you have plenty of bookmarks organized in folders, this add-on should fit your need like the old one was doing.

Your bookmarks are safe, no changes are made to them by default.

History Master

A Firefox/Chrome extension to visualize browsing history, Discover your unknown habits, downloads supported.

Features Advanced search/filter/sort functions

Search by date range and keyword
Filter by hour in one day
Sort by visit time or visit count

Inspiring chart views

Line chart for page views
Pie chart for top-n visited websites, by title or domain
Pie chart for URL schemes

Search by Image

Search by Image is a Firefox extension which enables you to initiate a reverse image search from the right-click context menu or the browser toolbar, and comes with support for more than 30 search engines.

Images positioned at the selected area are detected regardless of how they were embedded in the page. The extension also supports uploading local images, searching for video frames, capturing details within images, and searching for images from private sites.

Buster Captcha Solver

Buster is a Firefox extension which helps you to solve difficult captchas by completing reCAPTCHA audio challenges using automatic speech recognition. Challenges are solved by clicking on the extension button at the bottom of the reCAPTCHA widget.

It is not guaranteed that challenges are always solved, the limitations of the technology need to be considered.


This extension creates a right-click menu to provide copy functionality. Features:

Copy tab link/link/selection/image as:
- Plaintext
- Markdown
- BBCode

This the most comprehensive extension of this kind I was able to find. Very useful if you copy stuff to a Markdown/HTML source.

Copy Selection as Markdown

Copy title, URL, and selection as Markdown. Select text, right click and click the "Copy Selection as Markdown".

Very handy extension, useful especially if you want only to copy stuff as Markdown and do not need other options offered by the Copycat extension.

Copy PlainText

Copy PlainText is a tiny extension that removes the formatting from the selection before copying/pasting to/from the Clipboard.

Features: - Removes the formatting from the selection before saving to the Clipboard (Firefox restricts some functions on some URLs.) - Custom Find & Replace (string & Regular Expression) (v1.13) - Removes the spaces from the start and end of the selection - Removes multiple spaces - Keyboard Shortcuts: F7 - Custom Keyboard Shortcut - Paste PlainText - Option to remove line indents - Help Guide included in Options page

Copy Selected Links

Right-click selected text to copy the URL of any links it contains.

Bulk URL Opener

A simple and easy to use extension which allows the user to open a list of URL's in one click. Or alternatively you can create and store lists of links that you use and then load them from the drop down menu in the extension to open large amounts of links quickly and easily.

Key Features: - Allows a user to open a list of links quickly and easily - Ability to save, load and edit lists of links to provide an easier way to store and use a large amount of links - Tab Creation Delay: A user requested feature that allows the user to set a specified delay (in seconds) between each tab being created when a large number of links are opened - Custom themes: Change the look of the extension by using a different theme


Get international weather forecasts from and display them in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable and unobtrusive extension.

The best weather forecast extension I have been able to find.

Rooster Todo Manager

Simple todos manager that sits in your browser's sidebar.
Everything broken down into 3 intuitive lists: Today, Scheduled and Someday

✓ Items that you want to address today
✓ Check to mark as complete
✓ Click to edit (description, date, recurrence)
✓ Menu for more actions (edit, delete)

✓ Items set for a certain date
✓ They show up in Today when the time comes
✓ Each item has an action called "Do it today"

✓ Items you might get done some time in the future
✓ They have no due date
✓ They just sit there doing nothing until you bring them to life

Snooze Tabs

Snooze Tabs help you focus your attention online, whether you want to remove distractions for now or save something for later. Hit the snooze icon to dismiss tabs you don’t want now, and set an alarm to bring them back when you need them.

Text Link

Allows URI texts written in webpages to be loaded by double clicks.


This add-on parses text parts of HTML pages to match hypertext patterns not correctly encoded (i.e. not part of an anchor) and add an anchor to enable a standard mouse click to access the target as specified by the hypertext.

This can be used as an alternative to the Text Link extension.


Copylinks++ extracts all links from all opened tabs, sorts them, removes duplicates, and copies them to clipboard.

Copylinks++ allow you to choose where to copy from: - current tab - all tabs in current window - all tabs in all windows

Copylinks++ allow you to filter what to copy: - all links - magnet links - links to listed domains (ie: links to cyberlocker files) - links filtered by a list of regular expressions

It's possible to add domain to list by contextual menu

Options page let you: - choose quick action for toolbar button (or by keyboard shortcut[alt+z]) - decide actions to show in contextual menu - set your own list of domains

List of destination domains when saving is automatically sorted and duplicates are removed. You can add domain to list with contextual menu item (current domain or link domain)

It is a companion for download manager like jdownloader.

As ana alernative you can also try Link Gopher

Markdown Editor for Firefox

The most significant and purest Markdown editor for Firefox. Just write Markdown and see what it looks like as you type.

Markdown Editor for Firefox also comes with one-click HTML conversion, file support and other discreet gems.

Useful when you do not want to start en external Markdown editor for a quick edit. Includes a handy Markdown tutorial.


Highlight text on websites by toggling the highlighter extension or keyboard shortcut. Saves highlights on your device for future references.


This extension takes a step towards turning the browser into an offline-first knowledge management tool. It can store snapshots of web pages you visit on your computer by 'freeze-drying' them: removing scripts and thus most interactive behaviour, but inlining all images and stylesheets to let you save the page exactly the way you saw it.

Save for Read Later

This extension allows you to save pages in a list to read later. Very handy, when you have a lot of tabs "for later", but you do not want to clutter your browser. It also minimizes memory usage of Firefox.

Saved links are synced between your devices.

Reading List

One click to save page for later, similar to Save for Read Later, but with a more modern UI.

Saved links are synced between your devices.


Do you need to extract text from images, videos or PDF? If yes, then the Copyfish free OCR software is for you.

Common reasons to extract text from images are to google it, store it, email it or translate it. Until now, your only option was to retype the text. Copyfish is soooo much faster and more fun.

"Images" come in many forms: photographs, charts, diagrams, screenshots, PDF documents, comics, error messages, memes, Flash and Youtube movies.

You can verify the results in one glance with the extracted text overlay.

Do you need to switch between OCR languages often? You can define "Quick Switch" buttons for up to three languages on the settings page.

Multithreaded Download Manager

This extension can download files with multiple connections to the server. Depending on the network condition, this may increase the download speed.


From auto-fill forms, doing a repetitive task, taking a screenshot, to scraping data from a website, it's up to you what you want to do with this extension. And you also can schedule when the automation will execute.

UI.Vision RPA

UI.Vision RPA (formerly Kantu) is open-source Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software for task and test automation. It is 3 tools in 1: Visual web browser automation, Selenium IDE and AI-powered desktop automation for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Easy automation for busy people. UI.Vision RPA automates web and desktop apps, so you can focus on your most important work.

UI.Vision RPA is open-source and “lives” in the web browser, but it can do desktop automation as well. It is a universal task and test automation tool that combines the best of classical web automation with modern, AI-powered automation concepts. UI Vision combines 3 powerful tools into one: - Visual Web Automation and UI Testing - Visual Desktop Automation for Windows, Mac and Linux - Selenium IDE++

(API) Integrate with your favorite tools via command line: One of the best UI Vision features for experts is its extensive command line API. This allows you to integrate UI Vision with any application (e. g. Jenkins and other CI/CD tools, task scheduler,...) and any programming or scripting language (e. g. Python or Powershell).

UI Vision web macros can be combined/used with other extensions such as Tampermonkey, Adblock, uBlock, NoScript, Ghostery, Video DownloadHelper, DownThemAll or LastPass.


UbiquityWE is a browser add-on available by Ctrl+Space key combination that lets you give commands to a browser by entering text into a special input box. Commands are shortcuts for things that you commonly do on the Web; they can eliminate repetitive tasks and let you get more done, faster. Your can create your own Ubiquity commands in JavaScript.


Timer is a lite addon that let you easily setup multiple alarms, timers or stopwatch for yourself.

Simply open toolbar popup UI and then choose a desired tab. The first tab is for alarm adjustment. Simply click on the - add a new alarm - button to view the settings page. Then, add a name for the alarm and adjust date, hour and minute and at the end, click on the - save change - button.

Morning Coffee Quantum

The Quantum-compatible version of the old favorite. Morning Coffee Quantum allows you to create lists of daily websites, as well as a list that you visit every day.

Add tabs' websites to your daily reads through the tab context menu, or manage websites directly through the options page.

Click the coffee cup button (or press Ctrl+Shift+O) to get your websites for the day loaded into separate tabs. It's that easy!

PopUp Encyclopedia

Popup Encyclopedia is a blazingly fast dictionary/encyclopedia which can be used to search any word or collection of words. It supports double-click-on-text navigation. Double-click-on-text navigation is a feature by which you can double-click on any text in the popup window to get it's meaning without having to type it again in search box. [ Note: As of Ver 2.2, this feature is only available on the toolbar popup. ]

The features are: - Works offline as a dictionary. - pports word-lemmatization and word-stemming to increase accuracy. - ean and minimalistic UI. - Double-click-on-text navigation. - For keyboard ninjas, ALT + SHIFT + M is the shorcut key.

Firefox Translations

Firefox Translations provides automated translation of web content. Unlike cloud-based alternatives, translation is done locally, on the client-side, so that the text being translated does not leave your machine.


One extension to rule all the dictionaries, including Urban dictionary, Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, wikipedia and so on. Various languages are supported. A helper tool to facilitate your language learning process.

This app has two ways to look up words.

The first and simplest way is double click on a word on any webpage you will see the definition of the word just shows up right on the position. This is the fastest way to look up. In this case the app has builtin dictionaries to support English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (aka CJK), and Tajik languages, more languages support can be added if you are interested.

The other way is to click on the app's icon, a popup window will show to let you look up any words in a batch of your favorite dictionaries. This way you can look more deeply on the words. And it just looks like a traditional dictionary app. It has autocompletion function, word history, keyboard shortcuts, real human pronunciation and many more. Some example dictionaries include Urban dictionary, Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, Thesaurus, Merrian webster, Collins and Wikipedia etc.

Some other functions you may be interested: Real person pronunciation on English lookup Support keyboard shortcuts Add to context menu Lookup history A lot of dictionaries to choose, currently support English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Native app like interface, auto suggestions when you input * and so on.

ActivityWatch - Open Source Time Tracker

ActivityWatch is an automatic time-tracking software which helps you keep track of what you do. This browser plugin that extends ActivityWatch with the ability to keep track of how much time you spend on the web.

Note: Requires that you have ActivityWatch installed on your computer. On you can find instructions on how to install it.

Recoll WE

Enqueue visited WEB pages for storage and indexing by Recoll.


The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.

This is a port of the popular Chrome extension to Firefox.

Most stuff works, but the port to Firefox remains a work in progress.


Replace Firefox's control mechanism with one modelled on Vim.

I cannot say which one of the Vim extensions is better, as I am used to control the browser with a mouse.

Simple Gesture for Android

Simple touch gesture for Android.

New Tab Replacements


Transform your new tab page to something beautiful, and unique. Choose from our array of background providers, customise it to you, and be rewarded with stunning , new backgrounds every time you open a new tab. Select your favourite widgets for an extra touch. Create your own new tab experience. Completely free, completely customisable. Express yourself with Tabliss.

Other similar extensions which may suit you better are:
- Mue
- Renewed Tab
- Bonjourr
- Mesmerized
- Wondertab


A beautifully simplistic New Tab page that includes multiple clocks, date, search, quick links, and more. Fully customizable.

✔ Display time and date on new tab page.
✔ Digital/Analog clock options.
✔ Add additional clocks with labels.
✔ Customizable timezones for all clocks.
✔ Search Google/Bing/Baidu and more from new tab page.
✔ Display favorite links for quick access and the bookmarks bar.
✔ Include a custom message on the page.
✔ Choose from a several different color themes or choose your own custom colors.
✔ Use various provided patterns or your own background image.
✔ Select your desired size.
✔ Choose from a handful of fonts or use any installed on your machine.
✔ Customize everything! Toggle the time, seconds, time format, date, date format, search engine, 24 hour time, week numbers, tab title and more.
✔ Sync support. Keep your settings across all devices. (Requires storage permissions)
✔ Multiple languages supported!


A neutral new tab page accented with a chosen colour. Customise the layout, style, background and bookmarks in nightTab.


Save bookmarks to your start page on a unique hexagonal grid. hexagonTab keeps the new tab page clean and simple with a focus on presenting links to your most frequented sites.

Perfect Home

Replace your new-tab page and home page with your bookmarks. No ads, no speed dials, no frequently visited or other "frecence" bullshit! Just your own, predictable grid of links.

- Only 1 permission: bookmarks
- Drag & drop tiles to reorder
- Custom images for tiles (right-click on a tile -> custom thumbnail)
- Command palette - filter flat list of all bookmarks (currently Cmd+P on mac - when focus is on page)
- Docked folders! - show your "Read later" or "TODO" on the main page
- Style page with custom css - paste your css in settings
- Import/export settings and thumbnails to a file, for backup.

yet another speed dial

  • Free and open source.
  • Respects your privacy. Unlike other speed dial addons, there is no tracking.
  • Automatically generates thumbnails and screenshots.
  • Uses the browser's native bookmarks library so speed dials can be synced.
  • Supports folders
  • Simple and fast UI

Inspired by the great speed dial in Opera.

To sort your speed dials, just drag and drop. Edit a speed dial by right-clicking it.

Quick Dial

Quick Dial, a speed dial page inspired from fast dial. Full Open Source, No Web Service, No Cloud Account.

NOTE: Currently Quick Dial does not work properly when uMatrix, Privacy Possum or Print Edit WE extension is installed.


Dark Reader

This eye-care extension enables night mode creating dark themes for websites on the fly. Dark Reader inverts bright colors making them high contrast and easy to read at night.

You can adjust brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode, font settings and ignore-list.

I have tested all of the dark theme extensions available and this one is without a doubt the best available.


Redesign your favorite websites with Stylus, an actively developed and community driven userstyles manager. Easily install custom themes from popular online repositories, or create, edit, and manage your own personalized CSS stylesheets.

Midnight Lizard

This extension changes page colors, brightness and contrast to increase readability and brings dark night mode to all websites.

I do not use this one as it is extremely CPU intensive.

Web Enhancement

Enable Right Click & Copy

Force enable text selection and copy. (mod by Gary) This is modded from another well-known addon and makes it function on local files also. Nothing else changed.

Force Enable Right Click & Copy. Features: - Remove Copy Text Protection On All Website
- Force Enable Right Click Button
- Allow Copy And Highlight
- Disable Annoying Dialog Message (Not Able To Copy Content On This Webpage)
- Re-Enable Context Menu
- Include "Absolute Mode" To Force Remove Any Type Of Protection

Happy Right-Click 2

Unlock the right mouse button. Allow right-clicking and text copying on pages where right-clicking and text copying are prohibited. Websites block right-click menus and text copying in various ways, so this add-on may not be able to disable right-click blocking for all sites.

Forked from Happy Right-Click. Hide page action buttons when right-clicking is not enabled. Added browser action button. Added shortcut key. Added context menu. You can set up sites that automatically enable right-clicking.

Bypass Paywalls Clean

Add-on allows you to read articles from websites that implement a paywall.

Google Unlocked

Google Unlocked is an open source Mozilla extension, which unlocks hidden google search results.

The extension scans hidden search results that were censored by Google due to complaints. The tool scans those complaints and extracts the links, returning them back to the search results, all in a matter of seconds.

Attention! You should avoid Google search and use DuckDuckGo instead!

Video Speed Controler

HTML5 video provides native APIs to accelerate playback of any video, but most implemented players either hide or limit this functionality. This extension fixes that, plus more...

It will help you optimize your video viewing by allowing you to make quick playback speed adjustments, as well as rewind the video to hear the last few second one more time. We don't read at a constant speed, and we talk much slower than we read - there is no reason why we have to listen at a constant speed and at a (very) slow rate.

Once the extension is installed simply navigate to any page that offers HTML5 video, and you'll see a speed indicator in top left corner of the video player. Hover over the indicator to reveal the controls to accelerate, slowdown, or rewind the video. Or, even better, use your keyboard:

S - decrease playback speed. D - increase playback speed. R - reset playback speed. Z - rewind video by 10 seconds. X - advance video by 10 seconds. V - show/hide controller.

If you prefer other shortcuts, want to change the increment value, or want the player to remember your playback speed in the future, head into the settings page and customize it to your heart's content.


SponsorBlock is an extension that will skip over sponsored segments of YouTube videos. SponsorBlock is a crowdsourced browser extension that let's anyone submit the start and end time's of sponsored segments of YouTube videos. Once one person submits this information, everyone else with this extension will skip right over the sponsored segment.

With this extension, you will automatically skip YouTube sponsors.

The extension also features and upvote/downvote system with a weighted random based distribution algorithm.

More information about how it works:

Improve YouTube!

Make YouTube tidy & powerful! YouTube Player Size Theme Quality Auto HD Colors Playback Speed Style ad block Playlist Channel H.264 Set up YouTube video player & YouTube theme, layout, style - once, today & enjoy that for years! With our YouTube-extension you have 85+ useful, unique features 🧰🔧. To make your experience on YouTube a whole lot better & save you a lot of clicks & time. ✔️ Open-source & free charity since 2012! ✔️ Extra video playback features for: Embedded YouTube & the Internet (We're now also working on Facebook, mobile, Netflix, Twitch, Vimeo) ✔️ Applies settings more conveniently than any other Youtube Extension: Live with no reload

Youtube-shorts block

Play the Youtube shorts video as if it were a normal video and hide "shorts"tab and videos (optional).

YouTube Live Comments

Shows YouTube comments with timestamps on the video during playback.


A very simple extension which purpose is to assign a text track to a HTML5 video element in a web page.

Many HTML5 video players do not offer the ability to import text track for captions/subtitles purpose. The purpose of this extension is to remediate this problem.

When you want to assign a text track to a video element in a web page:

  • Open the popup menu and click "Assign text track to..."
  • Move the mouse over the target video element
  • Click the video element if needed
  • A file picker will appear
  • Pick the .srt or .vtt file to use as text track

The video should now render the captions/subtitles of the file you selected.

The content scripts of CCaptioner are injected if and only if you click on its toolbar icon while on a specific web site, and only for that web site. Once the text track is embedded, the content script terminates and should be garbage-collected by your browser's JavaScript engine.

Once a text track has been assigned to a video element on a given page, you can time-shift the text track through CCaptioner's popup panel -- this is useful when the text track is not well synchronized with the video content.

IMDb Plus

User-defined Enhancements for IMDb

Reddit Enhancement Suite

RES is a suite of tools to enhance your reddit browsing experience.

Unedit and Undelete for Reddit

View original comments and submissions from before they were edited or deleted directly within Reddit.

The unedited post will be displayed inline, right below the current comment or submission's text.

This script is compatible with both Reddit's Redesign and Old Reddit.

The Pushshift Reddit API is used for fetching the comments and submissions as they will be archived soon after they have been posted.

Alternmatively you can also try Unreddit.

Hacker News Enhancement Suite

A Hacker News extension for Firefox which changes lots of things.

Reddit Comment Highlights

Lightweight and customizable alternative to a feature normally reserved to Reddit gold users. It requires minimal permissions and syncs between browser sessions! It supports RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) night mode and custom CSS!

NOTICE: The extension is currently broken due to Reddits recent UI redesign.


The extension takes text posts or comments and transforms the text from this into something more readable with less distractions like this
Or if you are more into dark themes it will actually look like this
It is even somewhat "smart" about how it grabs the text, so when you encounter one of those authors who didn't have enough space and needed to continue as replies to their original story it will also include the text from those comments! It does this by going over the comments in posting order, picking those made by the author (if there are any) and adding those to the story. It repeats that for child comments until the entire story has been combined.

  • Works on both old and redesigned reddit.
  • Has a light and dark mode.
  • Allows you to choose your own font.
  • Adjustable font size.
  • Adjustable text width.
  • Works on both text posts and comments.

Social Fixer

Social Fixer is filled with features to make your Facebook experience better.

• Filter posts in the news feed by content, author, link url, and more • Built-in Filter Subscriptions let you just pick a filter and use it without knowing how it works • Pre-defined filters include hiding Sponsored Posts, Political posts, things your friends like, and much more. • Hide posts you've read and are done with, so they don't appear in the news feed anymore • Select from a list of Display Tweaks to customize the interface, or write your own with CSS • Force FB to stay on the Most Recent feed • Hide parts of the page you don't want to see, like panels in the left or right columns. • Comment Navigator lets you expand all comments and replies to a post, and highlight comments that are older than an age you specify • Tips point you to built-in Facebook settings and options and suggest values to make your experience better • Stealth Mode hides Like buttons, Comment areas, etc so you can browse Facebook without accidentally interacting with posts you don't intend to • Show full timestamps on posts, rather than relative times like "1 hr ago" • Anonymize for screenshots with one click - hide friend names, group names, profile pictures, etc. If you want to share a conversation or screenshot but not your privacy, anonymize first.

Autopagerize Advanced

A browser Extension for auto loading paginated web pages


PopUpOFF is a tool, allowing you, my dear potential user, to forget about closing infinite popups that interrupt you from reading/watching or whatever you do on the vast spaces of the internet.


When "view background image" is greyed out, this add-on is there to help you.

behind! can reveal:

  • Background images,
  • Images under layers of nonsense (e.g. clickable surfaces designed to hide the image from you),
  • Embedded images / base64-encoded image chunks,
  • Alternative resolutions ,
  • Vector images (even when they are inlined),
  • Images in shadow DOM

Nuke Anything Enhanced

A bit richer in features alternative to ffCK Overlays.

Allows you to hide almost anything via context menu 'Remove Object' or 'Remove Selection' with possibility of multiple undo of 'Remove Object'. You can also make a selection and chose "Remove everything else" to clear the page and only leave the selected text.

Other worth mentioning extension that aims to achieve the same effect is boom!.


Try h264ify if YouTube videos stutter, take up too much CPU, eat battery life, or make your laptop hot.

By default, YouTube streams VP8/VP9 encoded video. However, this can cause problems with less powerful machines because VP8/VP9 is not typically hardware accelerated.

In contrast, H.264 is commonly hardware accelerated by GPUs, which usually means smoother video playback and reduced CPU usage. h264ify makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos.

Don't Fuck with Paste

This add-on stops websites from blocking copy and paste for password fields and other input fields.


A web extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter, Instagram... requests to alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends.

YouTube=> Invidious, Piped, FreeTube, Yattee YT Music => Beatbump Twitter => Nitter Instagram => Bibliogram TikTok => ProxiTok Imgur => Rimgo Reddit => Libreddit, Teddit, Old Reddit Search => SearX, Whoogle Translate => SimplyTranslate, LingvaTranslate Maps => OpenStreetMap Wikipedia => Wikiless Medium => Scribe

Netflix Hidden Categories for Firefox

Search and find Netflix's Hidden Categories. Netflix has thousands of hidden categories. This extension helps you unlock many of those secret categories.

Film scores for Netflix

Film scores for Netflix. Add-on enriches netflix browser with a rating based on the scores from,,, and sites.

Netflix 1080p

Firefox extension to play Netflix in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound

This extension includes a bundled version of Netflix's playercore, which is then modified to include additional profiles depending on what you select in the options and re-allow toggling the bitrate menu.

Better Netflix

"Better Netflix" adds the following features to Netflix:

  • Ultrawide display support (21:9 aspect ratio) [To 21:9: '.', to 16:9: ',']
  • Zoom in and out of the video [Zoom in: '+', zoom out: '-']
  • Show the elapsed time of the video
  • Disable mouse movement [Disable: 'd', enable: 'e' or 'Esc']
  • Statistics [Toggle: 'q']
  • Menu to select video bitrate (video quality)
  • Option to automatically select the highest video bitrate available. This option is enabled by default. It can be disabled on the options page (Add-ons → Better Netflix → Preferences).

"Better Netflix" provides the keyboard shortcuts specified in [ ]-brackets of the list above.

Steam Database

Adds Steam Database links on various pages in the Steam Community and Store. Also highlights owned and wished products on

SteamDB is a website (not affiliated with Valve) that lists and tracks information regarding applications and packages available on Steam.

Augmented Steam

Augmented Steam is a Chrome extension that improves your experience on Steam store and Steam Community, by adding more information and customization options.

Please note this is not the original "Enhanced Steam" extension, but a spiritual continuation of the project.

Most notable features:
- shows the best current price from multiple authorized stores on the game's page (see screenshot)
- shows historically lowest price for the game, with a link to the complete price history
- adds a more noticeable DRM warning
- highlights games you already own or have in your wishlist
- adds an option to hide ignored games from the search results
- adds regional price comparison for easier overview of the game's pricing around the world
- adds infinite scrolling to search results
- adds a button to open the game page in the (installed) Steam client
- adds OpenCritic ratings and MetaCritic user score ratings
- shows overview of hours of play time you can get from
- adds links to other Steam related pages like SteamDb or AStats
- adds overview of the estimated number of players from
- lists estimated owner count and average playtime by


Quickly navigate the web archive and travel back in time without leaving the current tab.

Important: Vandal is not affiliated to the Internet Archive. It uses the Wayback Machine API and is a tiny and complementary subset to the mighty Wayback Machine.

Vandal focuses on ease-of-use and supports the following features for navigation and inspection: 📅 Calendar View: The default navigation mode which uses the least amount of surface area with a mini calendar view. Supports a calendar input that shows archival stats and allows selection of month across the years. 📊 Graph View: Navigation mode based on graphs of year and month. 🧭 Navigator: Built-in browser with ◀️ ▶️ 🔄 actions. 🎮 Navigation Panel: A bottom panel with navigation buttons to zip through archived snapshots for a date or across the month. 🕛 History Panel: Access your navigation history for a website. 🔩 Resource Drawer: A drawer that you can toggle to view timestamp differences of archived resources such as images, scripts, etc. relative to the page. This drawer updates automatically based on URL. ⌛ Historical View (beta): Displays the snapshot of a website throughout the years.


Peek is a browser extension that lets you preview dozens of types of documents before you download them. Just hover over a file's link, and Peek will display an interactive preview of the file instantly.

Peek can create previews for the following file formats:

- PDF, TXT, RTF documents
- Word Documents (.doc, .docx)
- Excel Documents (.xls, .xlsx)
- PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt, .pptx)
- WebM, MP4, GIFV, and OGG/OGV Video
- MP3 and WAV Audio
- JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, PNG, APNG, ICO, and BMP images

Peek can also show documents hosted on Google Docs and Apple iCloud. However, iCloud support is limited to Keynote files, as Apple doesn't allow other documents to be embedded.


Convert article in current tab to readable form and upload it to P2P network (IPFS).

Please note that content shared with this addon is just cached on IPFS servers. If you want to store the content permanently, you need to have IPFS node running on your computer. You can easily install your local IPFS node using one of these desktop clients:

2read will automatically "pin" your content if you have local node running.

IPFS Companion

IPFS is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities. IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications. It aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. → Learn more about IPFS

This extension provides a suite of useful features:

  • Detect requests for IPFS paths and redirect them to a custom gateway
  • Detect hostnames with DNSLink and redirect them to IPNS at a custom gateway
  • Monitor peering and gateway status
  • Inject the IPFS API into every website's javascript context as window.ipfs
  • Share files by uploading them to IPFS with optional preload at a public gateway
  • Toggle between Active / Suspend state of all IPFS integrations
  • Toggle between external HTTP API and experimental in-memory js-ipfs node (via Preferences)
  • Pin, Open WebUI, Copy Shareable Links…
  • …and much more!



Snowflake is a WebRTC pluggable transport for Tor.

Snowflake allows you to share access to free and open communication on the Internet with censored Internet users around the world. Enabling this extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network. Clients will make WebRTC connections to your browser, which will then proxy information between them and the default Snowflake bridge.

Important note: if you are a user in a censored country who wishes to connect to Tor, you should download Tor Browser: This extension is for those who would like to volunteer to proxy users to the Tor network.

There is no need to worry about which websites the clients are accessing through your proxy. Their visible browsing IP address will match their Tor exit node, not yours.

For more detailed information about how Snowflake works and for instructions on how to report bugs, see our documentation at For more information about Tor Project, visit

EpubPress - Read the web offline

EpubPress bundles webpages into an offline book that you can read on any of your devices.

Benefits: - Downloads webpages for offline reading. - Removes ads and banners from webpages for a cleaner reading experience. - Compatible with all your mobile devices (Kindles, Nooks, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). - Email delivery, allowing you to push content directly to your device.

All the amazing content of the internet, available on devices that were made for reading!

How to use: 1) Open all your articles in separate tabs. 2) Order them the way you want them to appear in the book. 3) Click 'EpubPress' in your menu bar. 4) Select your articles. 5) Download and enjoy!


Checkmarks scans your imported, synced or just dispensable bookmarks for invalid entries. It batch-loads your favorites into a configurable number of tabs and triggers the native mechanism of loading favicons. Optionally you can sort bookmarks and format titles to lowercase. A list of request errors offers the opportunity to manually review the corresponding bookmarks and to update or remove them if they are broken.

Bookmarks Organizer

With the Bookmarks Organizer, it's easy to put order in your bookmarks. The Bookmarks Organizer finds no longer working bookmarks, redirects, duplicates and more.


xBrowserSync is a completely free and open source tool for syncing your bookmarks and browser data between your desktop browsers. xBrowserSync respects your privacy and gives you complete anonymity — no sign up is required and no personal data is ever collected. It is also completely secure; your data is encrypted client-side with military grade encryption, Even if someone intercepted your data, only you can decrypt it.

xBrowserSync enriches your bookmarks with the addition of descriptions and tags. An intuitive search interface lets you find bookmarks quickly and easily, or simply browse your bookmarks hierarchy by folders. And don’t ever worry about losing your data thanks to the included back up and restore functionality.

The web extension fully supports your native desktop browser bookmarking features; xBrowserSync will preserve your existing bookmarks hierarchy and any changes you make using the native bookmarking functionality are synced by xBrowserSync automatically. xBrowserSync will even add metadata to new bookmarks automatically!

With the xBrowserSync mobile app you can use xBrowserSync on the go with your Android device. Once you have created a new sync on your desktop browser using the web extension, simply scan your sync ID code into the app and enter your password to connect to your synced data. Add new bookmarks easily by sharing from your favourite apps (browsers, YouTube, Spotify and any other app that shares URLs), xBrowserSync will even populate the bookmark properties for you.

For ultimate privacy, configure your very own xBrowserSync cloud service on your Linux or Windows server to sync to. The code for the xBrowserSync cloud service is open source and is easy to set up for any relatively tech savvy individual.

Welcome to browser syncing as it should be: secure, anonymous and free!

Key features:

★ Sync bookmarks between desktop browsers (syncing of additional browser data will be added in future versions), and access bookmarks on the move using the xBrowserSync Android app. ★ Absolutely free, there are no charges for using the service. Ever. ★ Totally anonymous, no sign up or submission of personal data required, just install and sync. ★ Encrypts your browser data client-side using military grade encryption that only you can decrypt. ★ Browse, find, modify and share bookmarks quickly and easily. ★ Enrich your bookmarks with descriptions and tags. ★ Works with native desktop browser bookmarking features. ★ Add bookmarks with the mobile app by sharing from your favourite apps. ★ Share bookmarks with friends with the mobile app. ★ Back up and restore your synced data for total peace of mind. ★ Run your very own xBrowserSync cloud service for syncing in complete privacy.

Keep or Delete Bookmarks

Cleaning up bookmarks is boring. The Firefox add-on Keep or Delete Bookmarks brings some fun to this task by allowing you to sort out the bookmarks like on "Tinder" or similar services.


What does it do?

The RegretsReporter extension gives you a way to report YouTube Regrets—videos that YouTube has recommended to you that you end up wishing you had never watched. This extension is part of a crowdsourced data campaign to learn more about what people regret watching, and how it was recommended to them. RegretsReporter is only for people who are 18 or older. By contributing your data to our research you can help us improve one of the most powerful recommendation engines on the planet.

How does it work?

From a YouTube video page you can click the RegretsReporter icon in your browser bar to generate a report form. The report form will ask you to tell us more about your YouTube Regret and collect information about how you arrived at that video. This is important for understanding how YouTube's recommender system keeps people watching and what effects it might have on them. As you browse YouTube, the extension will also send data about how much time you spend on the platform, without collecting any information about what you are watching or searching. This may give us some insight into how often users are experiencing YouTube Regrets.

Will this share everything I do on YouTube with Mozilla?

No. Mozilla will only receive information about videos that you watch or search for if you choose to submit a YouTube Regret. No information about what you watch or search for will be automatically sent to us by installing this extension.


Advanced Open-Source Eyedropper and ColorPicker to select color values from websites and desktop.

With ColorFish you can get a color reading from any point in your browser and from any point in your desktop. ColorFish is the only colorpicker browser extension with desktop color selection support.


• Website Eyedropper - get the color of any pixel on the page • Desktop Eyedropper - get the color of any app or image on your desktop* • Color History of recently picked colors • Auto copy picked colors to clipboard • Keyboard shortcuts • Get colors of dynamic hover elements • Single-click to start color picking • Pick colors from Flash objects • Pick colors at any zoom level • Open-Source (see Github repo) • All features and documentation here:

(*) The desktop colorpicker mode requires you to install the free UI.Vision RPA software XModule. This native app is available for Mac, Linux and Windows (Download link: The native app is required to take desktop screenshots. But you only need to install this app if you want to pick colors from desktop apps or Chrome special pages! For the regular web page color picking, installing the helper app is not required.

Plasma Integration

Useful extension for Linux/KDE Plasma users.

Multitask efficiently by controlling browser functions from the desktop, even while Firefox is in the background. Manage audio and video playback, check downloads in the notification area, send files to your phone using KDE Connect and more inside the KDE Plasma Desktop.

The plasma-browser-integration package must be installed for this extension to work. It will be available from your distribution's package manager.

Breeze Duo

The default GTK+3 Breeze theme that improves GTK applications' look under KDE Plasma has some troubles with Firefox. One of this annoying glitches is that the font colour does not have enough contrast with the background, so it is tough to read the tab title.

This theme improves the readability of the tabs titles and uses default colours of the KDE Breeze colour palette, giving a more consistent appearance under KDE Plasma.

Extension Source Viewer

Adds a button to right of the address bar when a Firefox extension is detected. This button shows two options:

  • Download extension as zip file
  • View source


Riot Web bundled as Firefox Add-on.


  • Riot Web served entirely locally without the need for additional setup
  • Ability to edit Riot Web's "config.json" in the Add-on preferences
  • Search in encrypted rooms using Radical Native


  • Multiple accounts are possible by using containers. Just right-click the riot tab and select "Reopen in Container"

Bonus Section

Hosts File

In addition to uBlock Origin, which was mentioned at the top, you could go one step further and use custom hosts file to block entire domains which are identified as advertisements, malware, tracking and other malicious code. Moreover it reduces your bandwith use and makes web pages load faster.

The most extensive hosts list is located here: Unified hosts file

To use it follow the instructions below:

For Windows 7 and Vista use "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts" or "%systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"

For Windows 8 and Windows 10 use "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts".

You may have to use Notepad and "Run as Administrator"

For Linux, Unix, or OS X place this file at "/etc/hosts" or on some systems at "/private/etc/hosts". You will require root access to do this. Saving this file to "~/hosts" will allow you to run something like "sudo cp ~/hosts /etc/hosts".

Firefox Profilemaker

This tool will help you to create a Firefox profile with the defaults you like.

You select which features you want to enable and disable and in the end you get a download link for a zip-file with your profile template. You can for example disable some functions, which send data to Mozilla and Google, or disable several annoying Firefox functions like Mozilla Hello or the Pocket integration.

Each Setting has a short explanation and for the non obvious settings links to resources describing the feature and the possible problems with it.


Some user tweaks to improve the Proton style of Firefox UI.


ShadowFox was inspired by changes made in Firefox 57, which limited the amount addons could customize both the user interface and "protected" web pages.

This project aims at creating a universal dark theme for Firefox while adhering to the modern design principles set by Mozilla.

ShadowFox styles the entire user interface, protected webpages (such as about: pages and, and over 40 popular addons.

At the moment I prefer to add the following option to the about:config of Firefox: ui.systemUsesDarkTheme and set its value to 1. It achieves a much better effect than ShadowFox in my opinion.

For a dark mode in the built-in PDF Viewer, create the preference named pdfjs.viewerCssTheme and set its value to 2.

Firefox 8K Wallpapers

Four wonderful Firefox wallpapers, each one containing a different variant of FF's logo:

  • Regular
  • Nightly
  • Developer
  • Focus

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